About Us



Mags Custom Rods was founded in 2017 by Pat Magdaleno. After finishing a professional MMA career with a 7-0-0 record he decided to hang up the gloves and transferred that focus and discipline into rod building.

People ask us, "What sets MAGS Custom Rods apart from the competition?". We could point out how we sell an array of rods designed for use with the hottest innovative angling techniques while providing precise lure control. Or how you can see the quality, but you FEEL the integrity built into your rod when you're hooking into that fish of a lifetime. The truth of the matter is that we love catching giant wall hangers, and we know what kind of rod it takes to do that consistently. Never settling for 'good enough', and constant improvement has allowed MAGS Custom Rods to add another level of intensity to your fishing experience. Customer testimonials prove it. Whether you're stepping into the octagon, the boat, or your ice shanty... Never step in unprepared. Hand Built in Gwinn, MI United States.